Frontline experiences were at the heart of the recent DBI Gathering in Perth.

The Gatherings are held every six months to give all partner agencies in all four pilot areas the chance to come together and share learning and experiences.

One of the most popular and anticipated learning points at the each event is the real life experiences of DBI of both the staff and those who are referred into the programme for help and support.

National DBI programme manager Kevin O’Neill said: “It’s very affirming for all involved in the programme to hear how people have benefited from DBI support and how staff take great pride in making every effort to ensure those eligible for DBI are referred as soon as possible.

“It’s this level of commitment which is helpful to ensure DBI is delivering connected, compassionate support.”

Other notable issues explored at the event included how to improve engagement, the early experiences of the first associate programme members in Moray, and the programme’s extension to 16 and 17 year olds.

The Scottish Government’s principal medical officer Dr John Mitchell, closed the event saying: “It’s a tribute to the DBI programme’s success that the question people are now asking is ‘why would you not want to do DBI?’.”

Above: Aberdeen delegates at the 8th Gathering with representitives from Moray, the recent associate programme members.

Above: Delegates from the Borders take part in a table top discussion.

Above: Delegates from Inverness.

Above: There was an impressive turnout from Lanarkshire.